"Rivers Of Iron" - 127 pages         WGA #773277

The true story of  Navy Commander Henry Walke.  Court-martialed for actions that should have won him a medal, he is banished to command an ironclad gunboat at Cairo, Illinois, during the early days of the Civil War.  There he finds he must defy his superiors if he is ever to return to sea again.  When he befriends an Army General in a similar predicament, U.S. Grant, they conspire together against their superiors to win key battles that set the Union on the road to victory.  But they also pay a price for defying the system. A story never told before with visuals never seen before. (Placed in the top 10% in the last Nicholl Foundation Contest run by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.)

"That December" - 130 pages                 WGA #656642

Historical adventure/drama.  Three days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, a key American industrialist implements a plan to force President Roosevelt to make peace with Germany in order to protect American business interests in Europe.  Reclusive Language Professor Jessica McCann knows where to find evidence to stop the industrialist’s plan, but she has to travel to the other side of the globe to obtain it.  When the attack on Pearl Harbor causes America to seek revenge against Japan, the industrialist sees the opportunity to start a Race War, and he sets a deadline for January 1.   Jessica can stop him, but she and the evidence are on the other side of a world at war.   Adapted from my unpublished novel and based upon real events.

"Flipped" - 117 pages                        WGA #793193

A science-fiction comedy.  A scientist accidentally reverses gravity for himself and an ex-girlfriend, and he has to find a way to reverse the effect before they fall off planet Earth, before the government finds out about the discovery and locks them away for "national security" reasons, and before the girlfriend’s gangster boyfriend kills them both.

"Fine And Dandi" - 114 pages                WGA #664325

Comedy-drama.  Chicago detective John Fine rescues singer Dandi Damone from being kidnapped and killed by crime boss Masimo Alberetti.  But when Fine realizes he has a once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy Alberetti’s entire organization, he decides to continue with the kidnapping himself.  While the police hunt for Dandi, with Fine as part of the investigating team, Alberetti also hunts for her to kill her.  As the "masked kidnapper" hilariously struggles to keep his "enchained victim" safe and content, the two fall in love and that makes things really complicated.

"The Fake Detective" - 110 pages            WGA #734675

An adventure-mystery-comedy.  Seven sexy lingerie shots of movie star Charlotte O’Dell have created a sensation on the Internet.  She says the pictures are fakes,  she never posed for such pictures.  But the Internet’s world famous expert on fake photographs, The Fake Detective, convinces her that the pictures are definitely not fakes.  How, when, where and why were the pictures taken?  The Fake Detective is hired to find out.  And he has to do it without letting his stuffy, conservative family know about his secret life on the Web.

"Shook" - 108 pages                          WGA #783201

Mystery.  While investigating a murder, Detective Andy Shook falls into a mysterious coma.  When he wakes up 11 months later he’s told he was in an automobile accident that he doesn’t remember.  As he slowly recovers, he finds his entire life has been forever changed, his love for the victim’s wife has been endangered, and the murder mystery has become more mysterious than ever - because key evidence disappeared while he was in the coma.   (Adapted from my unpublished novel.  Placed in the top 10% in the 2000 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Contest.)