Mohamed Atta did NOT write the anthrax letters
A handwriting comparison
Ed Lake
(Created: May 8, 2013)
(Last revised: May 14, 2013)

One of the silliest, more easily and frequently debunked beliefs by at least one by Anthrax Truthers is this declaration:

The anthrax letters are in the handwriting of Atta.

Which he repeated the next day in another declaration:

The anthrax letters are in Atta’s handwriting.

There are numerous samples of Mohamed Atta's handwriting available for examination on the Internet.  For example, here is his I-94 Immigration Arrival Record from Miami in January 10, 2001:

Mohamed Atta's handwriing - sample 1

Here's Mohamed Atta's Application For Admission to the Huffman flying school in Venice, Florida:
Mohamed Atta's handwriting - Sample 2

And here's Atta's July 31, 2000 "Pilot Profile" from that flying school:
Mohamed Atta's handwriting - Sample 3

The clearest and most noticable differences between Mohamed Atta's handwriting and the anthrax letter handwriting begin with Mohamed Atta's very unusual way of drawing the number 1.  His 1's can easily be mistaken for 7's.  That difference is emphasized by noting that Atta drew his 7's with a line through the middle - European style. 

Below is an illustration I created as part of a comment I wrote about Mohamed Atta's handwriting for this web site on July 31, 2012.  The writing sample used is from Atta's "Pilot Profile" form above.  Four of his very unusual 1's are underlined in red.

Mohamed Atta's 1's
The Anthrax Truther compares the 1 in Atta's date of birth on his "Pilot Profile" to a 1 in the date on the Brokaw letter and sees them as the same, not realizing that they are totally different.

Anyone can also easily see that the 9's are also totally different.   Atta drew his 9's with a curl at the bottom and flattened circles.  The anthrax letter writer drew his 9's with round circles and a straight line. 

On August 12, 2012, I wrote another comment for my web site for which I created the illustration below.  It shows the way Mohamed Atta wrote the words "Berlin" and "Germany" and how each letter of the alphabet in those two words were written by the anthrax letter writer:

Handwriting comparison Berlin and Germany

The difference between the G's shouldn't need any explanation.  Yet, in the graphic HERE, the Anthrax Truther sees them as being the same!  Here is a comparison of G's as drawn by Atta on his Immigration Arrival Record and his flying school application, compared to the anthrax letter writer's G's on the Brokaw and Daschle letters and the Daschle envelope:

Handwriting comparison - G's
Atta's writing style involved adding a line at the end of the arc to distinguish a G from a C, while the anthrax writer seemingly distinguished his G's from C's by making his G's look more like 6's.  While it can be argued (and has been argued) that the 5th G in the Atta sample above looks very much like the 2nd G in the anthrax writer's samples, that seems to be because Atta's G is unclear.  Plus, any  handwriting comparison must look at general patterns.  To find just one character in a sample that seems to resemble a character in a 2nd sample is not a valid handwriting comparison. It is an attempt to find and argue about minor similarities where the differences are obvious and undeniable.

Additional differences:

Mohamed Atta drew his E's with only two strokes, using a single stroke to draw the top, vertical and bottom lines, and a second stroke for the horizontal center line.  The anthrax letter writer always drew his E's with four separate strokes.

Atta drew his R's with the extender (the diagonal line) as a continuation of drawing the arc.  It begins where the arc ends, often with clear indications that he drew the arc and the extender with a single stroke.  The anthrax letter writer always drew the extender on his R's as a separate stroke beginning far out on the arc.

Mohamed Atta's M's have a center "V" that drops only about a third of the way to the bottom, while the anthrax letter writer always drew the center "V" of his M's all the way to the bottom.

Etc., etc.

The Anthrax Truther ignores all the distinct differences and just compares characters which he thinks seem similar.  His comparisons are shown on a graphic he created which can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Note that the Truther is so intent on finding similarities that he carelessly points out the similarity between two different Mohamed Atta handwriting samples of the number 6.  (And he finds an M in "Male" to be the same as an A in "Allah!")  Atta's 6's and the anthrax letter writer's 6's are different.

The top line below shows Mohamed Atta's 6's from his
Immigration Arrival Record, his flying school application, and from his "Pilot Profile".

Mohamed Atta's style of drawing 6's
Although there is only one 6 in all the anthrax writing samples to use for a comparison, that one 6 is clearly significantly different from Atta's 6's.  It is more upright and doesn't resemble the small "b" that Atta typically drew, i.e., the loop at the bottom doesn't connect to the center of the downstroke the way Atta typically drew his 6's.

Atta's 4's are also significantly different.  Atta always left the top of his 4's open, as the handwriting examples above clearly show.  The anthrax letter writer always closed the top of his 4's, as can be seen on the Leahy envelope below:

Leahy anthrax envelope


Mohamed Atta obviously did NOT write the anthrax letters.  Anyone arguing that he did is just hunting through various Atta handwriting samples to locate individual characters which arguably seem similar while totally ignoring all the major and significant differences which prove Atta's writing is not the same as the anthrax letter writer's handwriting.

While a Truther could then nonsensically argue that Atta was disguising his handwriting, that would also defeat his claim of similarities, since there should be no similarities.  And, of course, the Truther doesn't even bother to try to explain why the size of the handwriting on the media letter and envelopes is about twice the size of the hand writing on the Senate letter and envelopes.  Nor does he bother to explain why Mohamed Atta would not use punctuation on the letters to the media but then use punctuation on the letters to Senators Leahy and Daschle.  I know of only one logical explanation for why that was done.  Click HERE for the explanation.  For the video, click HERE.


Revised May 13, 2013 to include a more thorough analysis of the 6's and G's.
Revised May 14, 2013 to include a second declaration by the True Believer.

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